Vijunns (MP3)


Vijunns (MP3)


"Vijunns” in MP3 format.

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Jeremy Raskin is a music producer and graphic designer based in Los Angeles, California releasing music and art under his moniker Vijunns. His self-titled debut takes listeners on an odyssey through passing aural waves. From the rich analog synths of the lead single Beyond, to the thumping techno fantasia Initiate, Vijunns delivers a soundtrack for progressing into futurity at warp speed. The sweeping tranquility of his melodies orbits a similar atmosphere as producers Tycho, Jon Hopkins and Boards of Canada. This LP marks the maiden voyage for an explorer seeking sublimity.

1. Beyond
2. Initiate
3. Until Tomorrow
4. Overlay
5. Step
6. Expanse
7. Pace
8. End Is Beginning

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